Angelic Channeling Sessions

Angelic Love Letters

Receiving an angelic channeling session is like receiving a love letter from your angels, sent right to your email inbox. These compassionate, loving and insightful messages are channeled by me directly as dictated from your angels. Each angelic channeling session is available to address a specific topic with which your angels will joyfully assist you. All you need to do is ask for their wisdom and guidance! Choose to receive loving guidance and wise insight into:

  • ways to overcome personal challenges in your life
  • discovering and gaining comfort and serenity
  • ways to take inspired actions
  • discovering and cultivating your inner radiance, gifts and personal empowerment

Insights and assistance from your angels in any of these areas may put you on the path towards great empowerment and transformation. Give yourself the gift of an inspiring and uplifting angelic love letter today!

Each channeling is designed to be special and unique, just as you yourself are special and unique. (For instance, if John orders an angelic channeling session to assist him in overcoming personal challenges, and Laura orders a session to assist her in overcoming personal challenges, the channelings they receive from their angels will likely be quite different, as both John and Laura are unique individuals and what assists one may not be helpful for the other).

All angelic channelings are delivered via email. All channelings are 700 words minimum, often longer.

Your investment for your personalized angelic channeling session is $60.

Angelic Channeling Session

Fee: $60.00

Choose your Topic of Interest for this Channeling Session :

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