Angelic Services

I am delighted to offer a variety of angelic services to support you in bringing greater love, joy and peace to your life.


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Would you like to have a spa experience for your mind and spirit, and feel deeply refreshed, rejuvenated and serene as a result? Try an angelic energy alchemy session.


Would you love to have the ability to receive one-on-one communication from your guardian angels at any time? Angelic Empowerment sessions may help you to make this your reality.


Are you desiring personalized support to help you move forward with your goals and dreams, or to help you through a rough patch in your journey? I offer personalized spiritual counseling to help you in finding clarity, peace and joy.


Would you enjoy receiving direct spiritual guidance from your angelic team to support and assist you in your daily life? Receive personalized, loving angelic guidance in an intuitive angel reading, or receive an angelic love letter in the form of an angelic channeling.


Want less anxiety about money, and your prosperity in general? The Diamond of Prosperity attunement may help you.


I look forward to supporting you, and to connecting with you and your angels!