Angelic Energy Alchemy

Angelic Energy Alchemy Sessions to Reduce Stress, Bring Peace and Support In Angel Connection

In a distance angelic energy alchemy session, I channel and direct energy from the universal life force, thereby assisting you in gaining greater serenity, balance, and physical and energetic restoration. This, in turn, enhances your own natural healing powers. I work with your angels, my own angels, and archangels in every session to assist in the power and flow of the energy you receive. The assistance of the angels brings a blissful beauty and a deliciously yummy quality to these sessions that makes them a truly unique experience. I also incorporate the power of prayer, intuition and intention into every angelic energy alchemy session I conduct.

Energy alchemy sessions are like recharging a battery. When a battery’s energy supply is low, it doesn’t function well. But when the battery is charged, it can once again run on it’s own. Like a freshly charged battery, after an energy alchemy session, you will be able to experience more peace, well-being and harmony for your mind, body and spirit.

If you’re interested in gaining motivation, relieving stress and maintaining balance, distance energy alchemy sessions can be a wonderful asset to assist you in reaching these goals.

Distance energy alchemy sessions are conducted remotely. After receiving your payment, I will email you to arrange our appointment time. At the scheduled time, please try to find some quiet time to spend in a comfortable and peaceful setting where you can pray, meditate and/or relax. I will then, with the assistance of the angels, send energy to you remotely. (Please note that if you have to be active or perform tasks/activities during the session, the energy will still work).

Different people experience energy in different ways. Some of the sensations you experience during your energy session may or may not include:

  • a gentle warmth or a slight tingling sensation in a particular area or part of your body, or throughout your entire body
  • heat and/or cold
  • a slight prickly feeling
  • deep relaxation and / or serenity
  • total rejuvenation and refreshment
  • a deep calmness and / or stillness

During your session and for at least 48 hours afterwards, I encourage you to get lots of fresh air and to drink plenty of water, if at all possible.

A distance angelic energy alchemy session lasts between 45-60 minutes, and your investment for each individual session is $50.


Single Distance Energy Healing Session

Fee: $50.00

Add Additional Sessions to Customize Your Own Unique Package. (All sessions in a customized package must be used within 60 days from your order date. :
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For even greater results, you may choose to invest in a personally customized package of distance angelic energy alchemy sessions. All sessions in a custom package must be used within 60 days of placing your order for that package. Together, you and I can customize a schedule to meet your specific needs. Customize your unique package of sessions with the choices listed above, and you will receive a significant discount over purchasing single sessions individually.


Please Note: I STRONGLY recommend spiritual counseling as a complement to your angelic energy alchemy sessions. By using spiritual counseling, I can help you to identify and address the underlying issue(s) which caused your energy to become imbalanced in the first place! If you’re interested in this option, please visit the Specials and Discounts page where you can take advantage of a highly discounted combination package which includes both distance energy alchemy and spiritual counseling services. Thank you.


Chakra Clearings

Every living object is surrounded by an energy field, or aura. The human aura contains rivers of energy, called meridians, which nourish each cell of our body. These meridians are supplied by vortexes of energy, called chakras. Chakras collect energy from the universal life force that is all around us. When the chakras become blocked, a disruption in the flow of energy occurs, leading to disharmony in the energy field. This, in turn, can lead to illness and / or imbalance.

When the chakras are cleansed regularly, the energy field is cleared of blocks, therefore increasing your awareness, balance and well-being. Chakra clearings increase energy, refresh the body, mind and spirit, and help us gain a more positive outlook on our lives.

In a chakra clearing, I carefully cleanse and clear each of your primary chakras to return them to maximal efficiency. Sessions are tailored to each client’s needs, so if a particular chakra needs some extra work, then that can easily be incorporated into your session.

A chakra clearing session with me can be conducted in one of two ways:

1. Over the phoneor Skype… I can conduct your chakra clearing session with you over the phone or via Skype, and can carefully explain to you, step by step, what I’m doing, what I sense as I go through the process, and what exactly is occurring.

2. We can schedule your session at an agreed upon time, and I will then clear your chakras remotely.

No matter which of the two options you choose, after I complete your chakra clearing session, I will send you detailed emailed notes of your session, which will also contain any knowledge and insights I discover about the state of your chakras as I conduct your session.

No matter which of the two options works best for you, I encourage you to find a quiet place to sit or lie down during your session, where you can relax and release the tensions and stresses of your day.

Also, during your session and for at least 48 hours afterwards, please get lots of fresh air and drink plenty of water, if at all possible.

Chakra clearing sessions take between 40-50 minutes to conduct. Your investment for a chakra clearing session is $50.


Chakra Clearing

Fee: $50.00


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