Find Guidance and Clarity Through Spiritual Counseling

Gain greater self-love, deeper self-worth and joyful spiritual fulfillment through spiritual counseling.

My personal definition of spiritual counseling is, “A journey out of darkness and struggle, into light and joy!”

As your spiritual counselor, I can lovingly support you in:

  • Clarifying and defining your own personal and spiritual beliefs and values
  • Discovering greater self-love, self-worth and personal empowerment
  • Uncovering and dissolving blocks that have previously stopped you from reaching your highest potential
  • developing and honing your intuition defining strong boundaries
  • Facilitating personal and spiritual growth
  • Finding peace, balance, happiness and support
  • Gaining closure
  • Letting go of and learning from the past
  • Discovering, or creating, spiritual healing tools that will serve you in leading a peaceful and fulfilled life
  • Accomplishing great improvements in all areas of your life

Spiritual counseling is ideal for you if you are struggling with or questioning your spiritual path, your relationship with God (Goddess, Spirit, Source,), your understanding of God, feel in need of guidance or direction or are in need of assistance feeling connected with God, etc. Techniques learned in spiritual counseling sessions can assist you in gaining or rediscovering a beautiful and profound relationship with the God(s) of your understanding, and help you to find peace, fulfillment and joy in spirituality.

Spiritual counseling sessions will also be extremely helpful and effective for you if you are interested in integrating various spiritual and holistic modalities into your daily life and spiritual practices. For instance, in spiritual counseling sessions, I can assist you in:

  • learning how to conduct your own guided meditations
  • clear and balance your chakras
  • create and work with your own powerful affirmations
  • and so much more.

Through the process of aligning with states of peace, gratitude and love, truly spectacular things can occur in your life.

If you are sincerely committed to:

  • Shifting perspectives or thought patterns that aren’t serving you
  • Discovering workable solutions to your challenges and/or problems
  • Ridding yourself of blocks and negative behaviors
  • Finding freedom from fears
  • Transforming your focus and your life…

then spiritual counseling may be perfect for you.

As your spiritual counselor, I will:

  • Listen deeply and compassionately
  • Support you in making decisions that work for you
  • Help you in learning and integrating holistic modalities (such as prayer, energy work, affirmations, angelic work, meditation, inner child work, and many others), which will support you in gaining more serenity and happiness
  • Ask questions and provide insights and suggestions designed to help support and guide you through your learning and discovery process
  • Encourage and motivate you to discover your own path to success and joy!

If you desire to have a fulfilling relationship with the God(s) of your understanding, enhance your life through incorporating transformational spiritual practices , or gain more love and contentment in your life, I’d be honored to assist you through spiritual counseling.

Each individual spiritual counseling session is conducted via phone or Skype, lasts approximately one hour, and is tailored to meet your specific needs and desires. Your investment for each individual spiritual counseling session is $97.

Spiritual Counseling Single Session

Fee: $97.00

Add additional spiritual counseling sessions to create a customized package. All sessions in a custom package must be used within 90 days from the date of purchase :

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To receive more support and more powerful results, you may also choose to invest in a customized package containing multiple spiritual counseling sessions, to be used over the course of 90 days. You may customize your own unique package of sessions by choosing from the options listed above.