“Thank you so very, very much for the reading. It was perfect in so many ways – support, information, connection and validation! Of course I’m still taking it all in. The validation of what I already felt within is comforting beyond measure. It’s amazing how strong the “knowing” gets when it is validated through a trusted source. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!”
Kate Large, Aurora, Colorado

“I would like to say thanks again for our session. What a wonderful experience! I must say I felt very aware of the Angels around me as we talked. I think the session went very well! You reconfirmed some information I already knew, which is great and shows me you were right on the mark. Secondly I found out some new information, that I didn’t know, which are the names of my 3 Angels. Now that I know the names I can speak to them directly. A very comforting thought. You are such a blessing, and I pray that your website will bring you all the abundance that is yours!”
Karen K, Arkansas

“I appreciate having received my reading so promptly. I think you did a really good job. I felt the energy and it felt right and real. It was also uplifting, comforting and encouraging. Sometimes, that encouragement can be the most important part, you know? Just the confirmation and affirmation, aside from the guidance, can be like a lifesaver thrown in a raging sea. So thank you so very much! I think you are a gate opener. That phrase came to me. You help facilitate shifts for people and open doors to other worlds they might not have found on their own. That’s my insight on one of your gifts, my dear. You are a very bright light that is most needed in the world at this time. Keep on shining brightly!”
Donna H, California

“Once again I read over this fantastic angel reading. What a beautiful channel you are and how very healing the loving words are that came from your angelic group. I plan on sending this comforting message to (name withheld) and her children. My gratitude and thanks from all of us.”
Trudy G

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for giving me such a great phone reading yesterday afternoon. The time we spent together talking was very enjoyable. You were able to help me with clarity and accuracy on several current life issues and you did this in such a personable, warm and friendly manner that it almost made asking even the hard questions seem a bit easier! Thanks again for sharing your gift with the rest of us! I truly appreciate you!”
Karen, Phoenix

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