An Angelic Message About Decreasing Worry and Stress

The Angels Share About Decreasing Worry and Stress
Friday, November 6, 2009


We realize that many of you are experiencing a lot of stress, fear and trepidation in your lives at this time. Each day holds anxieties, worries and uncertainty for you. We gently invite you to allow us to assist you in carrying your heavy burdens… life and it’s circumstances are often beyond your control, but yet you constantly spend time stressed and in worry. Please consider that there is another way, dearest ones. Allow us to assist you with your loads. Simply ask us to help you to feel the love and comfort we send you. Release your stresses and fears into our tender care. Don’t feel as if you must walk alone on your journey. We are here with you!

There is nothing we delight in more than sharing our love with you. The way that you experience that love, dear one, may not be the way that another experiences it, and that’s okay! You are all unique and beautiful individuals, and so each of you will experience us in ways that are uniquely perfect for you. When you feel you need inspiration, an uplifting book may fall from a shelf. When you feel you need a loving adviser, an old friend may call you up out of the blue, eager to help. When you feel you will be unable to pay this month’s bills, the right amount of money may suddenly arrive at the perfect time.

Trust yourselves, dear ones. You are much-cherished children of Spirit / God / Goddess, however you choose to view your higher power. We are here to keep you company on your life’s path, as well as to share guidance and send you love, whenever you need it. All you need do is ask.

We love you endlessly,
The Angels